Tutt Street is a creative studio owned and operated by Jacob Titus.

We work with entrepreneurs, artists, and public servants to create brand names and identities, digital platforms and stories, physical spaces, and events that build up dynamic communities.

We collaborate with the places we call home and create visual expressions of what we find on the way. Our work finds inspiration in visions of the post-industrial American Midwest and the subtleties of a life spent here.

In practical terms, we book projects, identify cooperators, and show up at a 136-year-old factory building in South Bend, Indiana, ready to research and create. Please contact us with information about your project and timeline to start working together.


251 E. Sample Street
South Bend, Indiana


Creative direction
Brand naming
Brand design
Content strategy
Video production


Kath KeurZachary T. NelsonJason Adam MillerCamille ZyniewiczRyan BlaskeChuck Fry